Mecagüen KL, yala yala

After 2h flight we landed at KL airport, where we met Azali, our coach who became our best friend in KL in less than 3 days ( and 5 euros ).

After few minutes talking we found out that we all have the same passion, food!! So, can you imagine how did we spend our time in KL? Yes, eating and cooking! After one month we had the chance to cook and eat something but rice and noodles:) 5 euros more for the kitchen:P

After the Spanish dinner we went to some club with his friends, where we spent really nice time; thanks for training us before climbing the Mount Kinabalu, otherwise we couldn’t make it;)

We spent the three days in KL with Azali, trying different food, shopping, sightseeing, smoking shisha and he even took us for dinner with his family:) how lucky we are!! (yes I know, we own you 5 more…)

It’s been an amazing time in KL. Honestly, I didn’t expect that we enjoy that much the Malaysian capital city, but for sure it wouldn’t be the same without you:) thanks so much for being such a nice person and good friend with us!! I’m sure we will see you again very soon, hopefully in Vietnam!

We already miss you:)

P.D.: even if we didn’t get at the Vietnam Embassy on time, it was a funny race through KL! But you must know that it was OUR fault

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  1. Ohhhh This guy seems to be an enjoyable man! Do you remember when Max (my Birmingham friend) told us about Malaysia? As far as I can read, you agree with him and it is an amazing country. You are sooooooo lucky! I would like to be there!

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